MommyCon Portland 2019

MommyCon made a pit stop in Portland this year at the Convention Center on Saturday, June 29th. So Gabbie and I decided to make an appearance and check things out!

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, since it was my first time attending, but I had seen videos posted of previous MommyCon events and they showed packed out events with tons of attendees. Exhibitors halls were full and sessions were crowded. I wonder if this was the first MommyCon to come to Portland because there weren’t as many exhibitors and visitors as I thought there would have been. I would say this event needs some more attention in the Portland area because the idea of it is amazing and I really enjoyed attending! Gabbie had fun too! Here are some pictures we took of the show and a few of our favorite exhibitors:


The Babywearing Lounge presented a different vibe than the other exhibits in that they were not selling anything, they were simply there to inform and to teach. They had many different types of baby carriers on display, and encouraged visitors to try them out. They also supplied weighted baby dolls so you could see what it would actually be like to carry a baby in each different type of carrier.

My sister is a mother of three kids and gifted me a wrap she used and loved. I however had no clue how to wear it and feel confident that my baby would be secure. Luckily, the Babywearing Lounge had a couple wraps for Gabbie and I to try out and they were very patient with showing us just how to wrap it up. Gabbie tried it on her own after the instruction, and she became quite the little pro.


The first thing that attracted me to this table were the squishy, stress ball boobies that were being given out. They are such a clever give-a-way item for a bra vendor. What I wasn’t expecting, was just how awesome these bras were going to be!

I was encouraged to try on a bra over my dress, which of course I did! And I have to say, even over my clothes, it was probably the most comfortable nursing bra I have tried on since being pregnant. Not only was it comfortable, which is a necessity while pregnant, but the colors were amazing! It’s so nice to find stylish maternity bras, rather than the boring nude, white or black options that are available everywhere. On top of that, the material they are made out of is quick-drying and odor-resistant.

The Behr Bras Movement | #normalizebreastfeeding

The Behr Bras Movement is all about normalizing and encouraging breastfeeding while also empowering women to not being shamed out of breastfeeding in public. This clip from their website explains it well:

“… we created our colorful bras with empowerment in mind. It’s easier to take on the world when you feel great, and we want our bras to help you get there. When you look down at your camo/mermaid/unicorn bra, remember that we have your back! #MamaBehrProud”


I absolutely loved this exhibit and the cute couple managing it! Walking by their table, I was addressed by the husband first. His energy was awesome and inviting and I love how engaged and invested he was in their business. You could tell he was very proud of what they have built. The wife is the creative mind and hand makes all the items they sell which include baby nests, car seat / nursing covers and blankets. The prints are bright and happy and the quality was amazing. She was such a lovely woman, very sweet and obviously very caring about the items she creates. These would be the perfect gift for an expecting mama! Not to mention local to the PNW!


At the Lassig table, I was attracted to the simple yet modern style design of their diaper backpacks. After I got to talking to the lady managing the table, she explained about Lassig’s commitment to sustainability and how they are able to execute this with their products by using recycled plastic-containers and bottles to make their bags. While not all of their products are made from recycled materials, I love how the company is operating with environmental conscientiousness and sustainability in mind.

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