Hi! My Name Is…

Michaela Howard

And I’m so excited that you stopped by to check out my new website and blog! It seems fitting that the first blog post tells you a little about me and why I’m starting this blog!

If I were to summarize “me” in a short sentence:

I am a wife, a mother, a believer in Christ and a student of life. I’m grateful for all the opportunities life has given me to learn and grow and become a better mom and a better woman.

Life has been full of unexpected surprises lately! In the last six months, my husband was laid off from his job of 5 1/2 years, that same month we found out we were pregnant with our 2nd child, our 1st born turned 11-years-old, and then, I was also informed that I was losing my job this summer. The company I work for was recently purchased and the new owners have decided to cease operations. As of June 28th, I will be unemployed.

It was definitely hard news to hear since my husband is now on unemployment and I’m already extra hormonal and pregnant. After the news had time to sink in, and I talked with my husband, and prayed… a lot… I decided to look at this as an opportunity presenting itself. Ya know, we’ve faced tough times before, and things have always worked out one way or another. God has always come through and our family has always been taken care of. So I see a few different opportunities here:

Our baby boy is due August 17th, that means I’ll have a month and a half to “nest” and prepare for his arrival. We purchased our house about a year and a half ago and have a total of 2 pictures on the walls and boxes are still stacked up in the garage. I’m looking forward to the extra time to be able to really make our house feel like a home. Plus I have a ton of Pinterest pins waiting to be tried out!

I also see an opportunity to really grow my business. I founded my company MDH, LLC in September 2017. My education and work experience is in managerial accounting and business management and has really equipped me to be able to help business owners make well-informed decisions when it comes to managing their financials and growing their business. Sometimes it just takes a fresh set of unbiased eyes to analyze what’s currently going on, and to provide the necessary data and insight for businesses to operate more efficiently and grow successfully. And I’m excited to be able to do this full time!

Lastly, I see this as an opportunity to finally launch my blog! I’ve wanted to start a blog for quite a few years now. Writing has always been a creative outlet for me and I think personal blogs are such a fun and creative way to share experiences and stories with others. I plan to share stories of my past, where I’ve experienced wins and losses, but have ultimately found strength and endurance to keep working towards a better life for me and my family. I plan to share tidbits of house projects as we finally get settled into our new home. Money saving tips of course. And parenting insights into managing a household with a newborn baby boy and a daughter entering middle school next year. Crazy, right?!

But what a boring life it would be without a little crazy in it…

xo Michaela

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