Mi Familia

Junior and I first met through mutual friends in January 2007. Gosh that’s over 12 years ago now! We were almost immediately infatuated with each other and were basically in a relationship after just a couple months. Then, SURPRISE! In July of that same year, we found out we were pregnant with our daughter, Gabbie.

Our relationship was a rocky one to say the least, and when Gabbie was not even one-year-old, Junior and I broke up. It wasn’t until about five years later, when Gabbie started Kindergarten, that our relationship reconciled, and we both felt strongly that if we were deciding to get back together, then getting married was the way to go. I mean, at that point we were either going to be together for good, or not.

So in December 2018 we celebrated 5 years of marriage! Just a month before that, we found out we were pregnant with our second child, a baby boy, due this August! And in April 2019, Gabbie turned 11-years-old.

Our life together has been quite interesting and full of ups and downs. We definitely have a unique story, and one that I will share with you in full detail in future blog posts. It’s a testimony of God’s love, grace and restoration power. Because I was fully convinced at one point that there was no repairing our broken relationship or putting my family back together again.

To be expecting our second child together this summer is a miracle and I’ve never been so excited for anything in my life. With this new life on the way, major career changes happening for both Junior and I, and Gabbie entering middle school next year, we’re in for a crazy-exciting time and I’m ready to enjoy every moment of it!

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